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Last updated Monday, 31 October 2022

The  Arms  Deal Towards the end of 1999, the South African Government signed contracts totalling US$4,8 billion (R30 billion in 1999 rands) to modernise its defence equipment, which included the purchase of corvettes, submarines, light utility helicopters, lead-in fighter trainers and advanced light fighter aircraft. The purpose of this Virtual Press Office (VPO) is to follow the thread of certain questions being raised and investigations being undertaken into this controversial arms deal.

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Quitting Seriti commission: Arms deal 'letter bomb' ***

Former cop drops Zuma spy tapes bombshell

So farce, so good: Zuma and the arms deal ***



New Articles

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Hlophe disciplinary process returning to court 2016-01-08 Business Day
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South Africa Presidency reports Zuma not facing any charges 2016-01-02 Coastweek.com
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Arms Procurement Commission’s final report must be made public 2015-12-31 DA Website
More calls made for Zuma to release arms deal report 2015-12-31 Eyewitness News
Calls for Zuma to release Arms Deal report 2015-12-31 Eyewitness News
Wapenskandaal: ‘Geen groot bevindings verwag’ 2015-12-31 Netwerk24
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Maynier defends draft arms report 2014-08-13 Business Day
So farce, so good: Zuma and the arms deal *** 2014-08-11 Daily Maverick
Resignations take arms deal probe from mess to 'farce' *** 2014-08-11 Mail and Guardian
Quitting Seriti commission: Arms deal 'letter bomb' *** 2014-08-08 Mail and Guardian
Did Parliament really sign off on the arms deal? 2014-08-07 Mail and Guardian
Former cop drops Zuma spy tapes bombshell 2014-08-03 Weekend Argus
Arms shouldn’t give legs to graft 2014-07-29 City Press
Newspaper betrayed source: NGO 2001-03-19 News24


New Special Items

Arms Procurement Commission Witness Statement by Richard Young dated 2015-03-02

Supporting Documents: File 01 [7.61mb] 343 pages
Supporting Documents: File 01A [9.51mb] 397 pages
Supporting Documents: File 02 [7.97mb] 291 pages
Supporting Documents: File 03 [10.56mb] 442 pages
Supporting Documents: File 04 [11.83mb] 492 pages
Supporting Documents: File 05 [7.10mb] 372 pages
Supporting Documents: File 06 [14.06mb] 550 pages
Supporting Documents: File 06A [19.55mb] 398 pages
Supporting Documents: File 06B [15.34mb] 341 pages
Supporting Documents: File 06C [10.95mb] 445 pages

Transcripts of Public Hearings

02 February 2015
04 March 2015
05 March 2015
06 March 2015
09 March 2015
10 March 2015
11 March 2015
12 March 2015
13 March 2015

04 to 13 March 2015
2015-03-04 Richard Young
Arms Procurement Commission Extended Witness Statement by Richard Young dated 2003-05-30

Evidence Documents


Payments to Fata Hlongwane from Arstow's bank accounts
Valurex correspondence re distributing $10m to Hlongwane
Payments by BAE to Kayswell Services Limited
BAE agreement with Arstow
Arstow contract with Westunity
Westunity back-to-back contract with Hlongwane
Red Diamond contract with CIC
CIC File Note : BAE’s relationship with its South African agent, Commercial International Corporation
Payments by BAE to Arstow Commercial Corporation
Paymenfs by BAE to Commercial International Corp Ltd
BAE Plans for a Covert Offshore Payment Systems

Richard Young
Position of Evidence Leaders :
Dear Commissioner Seriti and Commissioner Musi
2014-07-22 Commission

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