Publication: Rapport Issued: Date: 2002-03-12 Reporter: Bertus Cilliers Manager: Corporate Communication Armscor Editor:

Armscor is Giving Attention to This Request

English Translation for : Krygkor gee Aandag aan dié Versoek


Publication  Rapport
Date 2002-03-12
Reporter Bertus Cilliers
Manager: Corporate Communication
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Bertus Celliers, Manager: Corporate Communication, Armscor, writes :

I refer to Mr. Andries Cornelissen’s article "Arms firm sues to get information" (Rapport, 3 March).

Art. 87 sub-articles (1) (a) and (b) of the act provides for a period of ninety days to consider requests for access to information within twelve months after the Act on the Promotion of Access to Information (Act no. 2 of 2000) came into effect. This specific act came into effect on 9 March 2001.

The statement by Dr. Richard Young that Armscor asked for an extension of ninety days, is therefore incorrect according to the regulations of Act no. 2 of 2000.

Dr. Young’s statement creates the impression with the public that Armscor is playing for time and that they are not serious in complying with the regulations of the act. Armscor confirms that this impression by no means accord with the factual situation and that Dr Young’s application in terms of the regulations of the relative act is receiving the necessary attention.

With acknowledgements to Bertus Celliers and Rapport.