Publication: The Star Issued: Date: 2001-01-29 Reporter: Sapa Editor:

Feinstein Ponders Options After ANC Reshuffle

Publication  The Star
Date 2001-01-29
Reporter Sapa
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ANC MP Andrew Feinstein said on Monday that he was reconsidering his position in parliament and on its watchdog public accounts committee.

This follows a decision by party bosses to replace him as chairperson and spokesperson of the ANC's study group on public accounts. "I am saddened by it," he said.

Feinstein, who remains a committee member, did not attend the meeting of the public accounts committee, on Monday, which was addressed by speaker of the National Assembly Speaker, Frene Ginwala.

'From time to time we have to make changes in the committee'

"I will need to reconsider my position on the committee and parliament," he said. He was not prepared to comment further, saying: "I have been told not to talk to the media."

His replacement, Geoff Doidge, told reporters they were reading too much into the ANC's decision to replace Feinstein.

He denied there was unhappiness among members of the party's leadership with Feinstein and that this was the motive for his demotion.

"From time to time we have to make changes in the committee," he said.

Doidge said the committee had an "immense and frightening" workload, and the ANC felt it needed to strengthen its representation on it. Feinstein had been under great pressure, as it was difficult to lead the ANC study group and also process its work.

He also denied that the beefing up of the ANC's complement on the committee was in reaction to the Democratic Alliance's attempt to strengthen its own representation.

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