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Ginwala Expected to Address MPs

Publication  SABC News
Date 2001-01-29
Reporter Sapa
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Frene Ginwala, the National Assembly Speaker, is expected to address Parliament's watchdog public accounts committee today, as MPs continue to grapple with the R43 billion arms probe.

Members of the committee are also set to discuss whether Jacob Zuma, the deputy president should be called before the committee, following a hard-hitting letter he wrote to committee chair Gavin Woods.

"The committee will look at how to respond (to the deputy president's letter to Scopa)," Gavin Woods, the committee chairman said at the weekend.

Zuma accused the committee of seriously misdirecting itself and arriving at decisions on the arms deal that were not substantiated by any facts. The criticism has raised questions about the accountability of the executive to Parliament.

MPs would accept a request from Ginwala to address its members during the course of the open plenary meeting in Parliament.

She was expected to give her position on a resolution adopted by the national assembly on the second of November, which paved the way for a multi-agency investigation into the deal, but which is the subject of different interpretations by the ANC and opposition parties.

The opposition insists that all political parties, including the ANC majority on the committee, were unanimous that the investigation should include the Heath anti-corruption unit. The ANC says no agency was singled out.

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