Publication: S.A. Defence Target Newsletter Issued: Date: 2000-02-01 Reporter: Editor: ial Team Koos Engelbrecht Leona Redelinghuys

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Publication  S.A. Defence Target Newsletter
Date February 2000
Editorial Team Koos Engelbrecht
Leona Redelinghuys


The monthly newsletter targeted for the defence family : February 2000



The SA Defence Target serves as a newsletter to the defence family and is jointly published by Armscor and AMD.

News from the SA Department of Defence, Armscor, the local and international defence related industry, appointments and promotions, marketing news and news of shows and exhibitions are published in this bulletin. This bulletin is distributed to the DoD, the local defence industry and Armscor, as well as to the South African Military Attachés based in their host countries.


9 February 2000

Dear Editor,

In your January issue you have published a letter by the MD C2I2, related to the choices made for the Corvette programme. 

I would like then to correct once and for all the wrong impression that this letter may have created. Whatever choices have been made for the Corvette programme, have been made by the State based on choice criteria that belong to them.

There is no point for anybody to claim that this choice might have been biased unless they hint at sinister manoeuvres that, in such case, they better substantiate and be ready to sustain in front of a court of law.

As much as anybody may have been disappointed not to be finally selected, it does not give them any right to make damageable insinuations that may only lead to disputes with an end result potentially damageable to the Country.

I personally think that we have to draw our own conclusions and accept the decisions made. This is what our company does with regard to the Submarines combat suite which we rightly thought should have come to the local industry and we expect others to be as reasonable and stop perturbing the process of acquisition.

I thank you in advance to publish my letter in the next issue and assure you of the full support of our company to AMD.

Pierre Moynot



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