Publication: S.A. Defence Target Newsletter Issued: Date: 2000-01-01 Reporter: Editor: ial Team Koos Engelbrecht Leona Redelinghuys

Letters and Comments

Publication  S.A. Defence Target Newsletter
Date January 2000
Editorial Team Koos Engelbrecht
Leona Redelinghuys


The monthly newsletter targeted for the defence family : January 2000



The SA Defence Target serves as a newsletter to the defence family and is jointly published by Armscor and AMD.

News from the SA Department of Defence, Armscor, the local and international defence related industry, appointments and promotions, marketing news and news of shows and exhibitions are published in this bulletin. This bulletin is distributed to the DoD, the local defence industry and Armscor, as well as to the South African Military Attachés based in their host countries.



Dear Editor,

"We take note of your article in the November 1999 edition of SA Defence Target entitled South African Companies share in defence deals dated 1999-09-29 wherein you state that "C2I2 (will be developing) combat management system software for the corvettes".

This statement is factually incorrect and we would appreciate it if you would take note of the actual facts and publish the correct facts at your earliest opportunity.

African Defence Systems (Pty) Ltd (ADS) who, as you correctly report, will be taking responsibility for the combat system, will also be providing the combat management system, including all of its software.

C2I2 Systems’s (C2I2’s) Information Management System (IMS), which was to have formed the backbone of the combat system, was nominated by the SA Navy as a core element of the combat system. However, Thomson-CSF and ADS have deselected IMS in favour of Thomson’s own proprietary Fast Ethernet-based combat suite data bus."

Richard Young

Managing Director, C2I


We regret publishing incorrect information and apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused. We therefore decided to publish your detailed letter, which sets out the facts correctly. ED

Disclaimer: ARMSCOR and AMD do not necessarily endorse the views, or the accuracy of information presented in the SA Defence Target.

With acknowledgement to Koos Engelbrecht, Leona Redelinghuys and the S.A. Defence Target.