Publication: Mail and Guardian Issued: Date: 2002-07-12 Reporter: Krisjan Lemmer Editor:

From Libya with Love


Publication  Mail & Guardian
Date 2002-07-12
Reporter Krisjan Lemmer
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Those Freedom Front hawks have not flown off to Valhalla, after all. Yes, the home for retired and disgruntled generals is alive and well, and stirring up a new version of the "rooi gevaar" threat.

Outraged at a recent report that South Africa's military might is, well, not so mighty, one of the FF's three MPs, Pieter Groenewald, issued an alarmist statement this week.

Once Lemmer had untangled the bizarre spelling and grammar (suggestion to Meneer Groenewald, try MS-Word) it appears that the South African National Defence Force's four operational tanks and eight operational Rooikat armoured cars are about to be sorely tested.

"The power-drunk leaders in Africa like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, could get the impression that South Africa is not a military factor anymore and could even plan to invade South Africa," the Front warns - and blames the sorry state of the SANDF on affirmative action. Have some more mampoer, manne.

With acknowledgements to Kris Lemmer and Mail & Guardian.