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Yengeni to Seek High Court Review


Date 2002-07-15
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Former African National Congress chief whip Tony Yengeni and businessman Michael Woerfel are to seek a review of the Pretoria Specialised Commercial Crime Court's dismissal of their objections to charges of corruption and fraud.

Defence lawyers on Monday informed magistrate Bill Moyses of their intention to approach the Pretoria High Court, saying there was a reasonable prospect of that court coming to a different conclusion.

Moyses earlier dismissed the pair's objections to the State's charge sheet, which meant that the trial had to start in earnest.

However, defence lawyers asked the court for a postponement of the trial pending the outcome of review proceedings. Moyses would give his ruling on Tuesday morning.

Yengeni faces a charge of corruption for allegedly buying a luxury Mercedes Benz 4X4 at a 47 percent discount in return for using his influence to "market" the products of DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG.

He faces an alternative charge of fraud for failing to disclose the benefit to Parliament.

Woerfel, then managing director of the DaimlerChrysler's predecessor - the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) - is charged with corruption for organising the car deal.

Both face a charge of fraud in relation to alleged false representations made in the agreement of sale. They asked the court last week to quash all the charges, except for the one count of fraud against Woerfel, saying the State had no case.

Moyses on Monday ruled the charge sheet was adequate and disclosed the alleged offences in sufficient detail.

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