Publication: Sunday Times Issued: Date: 2002-11-13 Reporter: Carol Paton Editor:

New Twist in Arms Deal Saga


Publication  Sunday Times
Date 2002-11-13
Reporter Carol Paton


An aggrieved bidder in government's multibillion-rand arms package has won a major court victory that will compel the auditor-general to hand over confidential documents relating to the deal.

Richard Young, the director of computer systems company CCII, won the landmark order in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act in the Pretoria High Court on Friday - the first major test of the Act in court.

Judge Willie Hartzenberg has ordered Auditor-General Shauket Fakie to provide Young with a range of records, including documents dealing with a conflict of interest involving the South African National Defence Force's then acquisitions boss, Chippy Shaik.

Shaik's brother, Schabir Shaik, had a material interest in African Defence Systems, the prime contractor for the corvettes.

Young believes that the probe into the arms deal did not fully expose the criminal liability of Shaik and that earlier drafts of the probe's report contained findings far more damaging than the final draft.

With acknowledgement to Carol Paton and the Sunday Times.