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Nuclear Sub Drifts into SA Harbour


Publication  Cape Argus
Date 2002-07-17
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The black, cigar-shaped sliver that is the HMS Splendid sailed into Simon's Bay on Wednesday from Mombassa to be the first nuclear powered submarine to visit South Africa in 30 years.

HMS Splendid, a swift sure class submarine of the Royal Navy will visit Simon's Town for five days.

She has been away from Britain on operations since early January.

The ship follows in the wake of numerous foreign surface vessels that have visited these shores since political change opened up access in the early 90s.

HMS Splendid's crew will have the opportunity to come ashore and take a break from the shipboard routine they endure during submerged operations.

They will play sports against South African Navy personnel, and tour the Western Cape.

The ship is carrying a crew of 117 sailors.

Before HMS Splendid could enter South African waters, permission had to be obtained from the national nuclear regulator.

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