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Dump Zuma as Moral Campaign Leader : DA


Publication  Sapa
Date 2003-01-29


South Africa's Moral Regeneration Campaign should be led by a non-partisan figure and not Deputy President Jacob Zuma, who is the subject of a corruption investigation, the Democratic Alliance said on Wednesday.

DA chairman Joe Seremane said: "It is entirely inappropriate for someone who is being investigated for allegedly soliciting a bribe from a government contractor to be leading our moral regeneration campaign.

The campaign should instead be "placed in the non-partisan domain of civil society and interfaith leaders".

Seremane said President Thabo Mbeki "might defend the deputy president's right to remain in office in the face of serious allegations of corruption -- in contrast to David Malatsi, who was probably leant on to resign -- but he must surely see the hypocrisy in Zuma's leading a campaign to address moral decay in our country. He should appoint someone who can lead by example."

Repeated attempts to contact Zuma's media liaison officer for comment were unsuccessful.

Presidential spokesman Bheki Khumalo declined to comment.

Zuma is to launch the campaign for the drafting of the Moral Regeneration Charter in Johannesburg on Friday.

Zuma has denied allegations that he tried to secure a R500 000 protection bribe from a French arms company involved in the arms deal.

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