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Fakie Will Not Reveal All On Arms Deal


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Date 2003-03-14
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Shauket Fakie, the auditor-general, said he will not release all the documents to Richard Young of CCII, a Cape Town based computer systems company.

CCII lost out on a contract to supply combat technology for the SA Navy's new corvettes. Young claims there were irregularities and political interference in the selection process.

Fakie (sic) [Young} applied for documentation used during the investigation into the multi-billion rand arms deal in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act. He lost the case but decided to appeal. This week, he announced the withdrawal of the appeal. Fakie said some information remains confidential.

Young believes they could find new information on alleged irregularities in the tender process in the arms deal. He said he is aware that he may not get all the documents.

[So now we know why we didn't get all the documents due to us - Fakie said it on SABC - after withdrawing his request for leave to appeal.

This surely is openness and democracy in practice, as well as being allowed to "live one's independence". - not just on paper, but on the national TV news.

Whatta Boy!]

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