Publication: Business Day Issued: Date: 2003-09-17 Reporter: MG Pawley

Get A Life!



Business Day, Comment

Date 2003-09-17


MG Pawley, Randburg

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After reading the highly emotive feedback on the RW Johnson column, Godfathers keep ANC elite in style (September 10), I revisited it.

The readers who took exception to the article clearly cannot tolerate criticism, and, as is typical of the liberal set, should any opinion vary from their own then the writer must be branded.

With exception to Johnson's somewhat reckless closing remark I feel his article is definitely worthy of review.

Johnson has the courage to voice what others discuss in private since his observations are so ubiquitous.

It is truly disturbing what the culture of entitlement is doing to the African National Congress elite, and to brand a man racist merely because he makes these observations is absurd.

If the limp-wristed liberals feel that Johnson's remarks constituted incitement, then I have a suggestion: get a life!

With acknowledgements to MG Pawley and the Business Day.