Publication: Business Day Issued: Date: 2003-08-15 Reporter:

Parliament to Quiz Shauket Fakie



Business Day

Date 2003-08-15

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Auditor-General Shauket Fakie is to appear before Parliament's public accounts committee next week to answer media allegations that he edited a draft version of the arms-deal report after it had been to cabinet.

Fakie refuted the allegations made by various newspapers, including Business Day, in a special report tabled in Parliament which will be studied by the committee.

He claimed in the report that his credibility and integrity had been attacked.

Fakie appeared before the committee yesterday to ask to be excused from having to provide the extensive documentation requested, including copies of the unedited draft and final reports.

The committee agreed to waive the request.

Members agreed that his appearance for questioning would be sufficient.

The requested documentation included copies of all affidavits deposed to by Fakie in court proceedings related to the arms deal.

Fakie said that these were public documents freely available to the committee .

The judgment handed down in the case of CI Systems versus Fakie and others was also a public document.

Regarding the request for copies of all draft versions of the joint investigating team's report, Fakie said the court had only required him to release three chapters to CI MD Richard Young.

He was involved in a legal dispute with Young as to whether he had to release all the documents and therefore could not provide them to the committee.

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