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'Sunday Times' Tried to Kill Ngcuka Story - Reporter



The Natal Witness

Date 2003-09-15

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Sunday Times reporter Ranjeni Munusamy, suspended because she gave the City Press the results of her investigation into Scorpions boss Bulelani Ngcuka, leading to City Press's allegations that he is an apartheid spy, said she did so because her editor refused for five weeks to publish the story.

Sunday Times editor Mathatha Tsedu refused on Sunday night to add to what he wrote on Sunday's front page, a brief note that Munusamy has been suspended pending a disciplinary inquiry.

"Ranjeni can say and believe what she wants to. If we wanted to say more, we would have written more," he said.

In her statement, Munusamy said that in refusing to publish her story, Tsedu told her she "could surrender" the documents on the issue.

She alleged there has been a media attack on Zuma, which, according to her, stemmed from a meeting between Ngcuka and some of the country's black newspaper editors, including Tsedu.

Munusamy further alleges there is a "healthy and mutually beneficial relationship" between the Scorpions and the Sunday Times but that a rather inappropriate relationship also exists between the Scorpions and some people at the newspaper.

She said the decision to suspend her is an attempt by Tsedu "to use his newspaper to wipe the egg from his face".

"I took a deliberate and well-considered decision to give the information to City Press. I believe that the publishing of the story is in the national interest and consistent with journalistic principles of objectivity, balance and telling all sides of the story," she said.

No date for the disciplinary hearing has been set.

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