Publication: Business Day Issued: Date: 2003-09-19 Reporter: Peter Buchan

Table for Two



Business Day

Date 2003-09-19


Peter Buchan

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Sir - I must commend you on your handling of the responses to RW Johnson's column, Godfathers keep ANC elite in style (September 10).

This week's letters column has resembled an ideological tennis match as the reactions from different camps are smashed and lobbed.

Both sides have a point. Yes, Johnson's writings often ooze with a deep-rooted, right-of-centre admiration of western "correctness" and justifiable hegemony over the rest of the planet.

Thankfully all our collective views on life exist somewhere within a normal distribution, and Johnson's are no different.

For our reading enjoyment, on the far side of the same curve, we find none other than Christine Qunta - a suitable (if somewhat less subtle) counterweight to Johnson's teachings.

I propose that Business Day arranges a quiet, candlelit dinner between the two. Who knows, perhaps it may provide the seeds of all our salvation?

With acknowledgements to Peter Buchan and the Business Day.