Publication: Saturday Star Issued: Date: 2003-09-06 Reporter: Andre Koopman, Charles Phahlane

Tough Week Ahead for Zuma



Saturday Star

Date 2003-09-06


Andre Koopman, Charles Phahlane

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It goes from bad to worse for Jacob Zuma.

Now, the Deputy President is to be investigated by parliament for allegedly not declaring gifts or benefits in terms of the parliamentary code.

And next week, Zuma will face tough questions in both houses of parliament about his leadership of the moral regeneration movement amid allegations of prima facie evidence of corruption on his part.

On Tuesday, Zuma will be grilled by the Democratic Alliance's Gerald Lever in the National Council of Provinces over his leadership of the moral regeneration campaign. Lever will ask what steps Zuma was taking to end corruption in government.

On Wednesday, Zuma will answer a similar question in the National Assembly posed by the Federal Alliance's Sakkie Blanche.

Speaker of the National Assembly Frene Ginwala confirmed late this week that parliament had received the information about the Zuma matter from the National Directorate of Public Prosecutions.

Parliament's ethics committee has been standing ready for a few weeks now to investigate the matter of gifts and donations worth more than R1-million allegedly received by Zuma from his financial adviser Schabir Shaik and the latter's company Nkobi Holdings.

The Scorpions allege that because there was only prima facie evidence of a "generally corrupt" relationship between Zuma and Shaik, the case against Zuma would not be "winnable" in court.

While the Scorpions have decided not to prosecute Zuma for the moment, Scorpions boss Bulelani Ngcuka said his department would refer "the issue around declaration of gifts and donations - to parliament for their consideration".

Chairperson of parliament's ethics committee Luwellyn Landers explained on Friday that it was "unlikely" that the ethics committee would convene next week.

With acknowledgements to Andre Koopman, Charles Phahlane and the Saturday Star.