Publication: Sapa Issued: Date: 2003-09-17 Reporter: Sapa

Former Minister, Aide to ex-Pres of Zambia Arrested for Corruption




Date 2003-09-17


A former economic adviser to Zambia's ex-President Frederick Chiluba and a former minister have been arrested for alleged corruption, anti-corruption officials said Wednesday.

Donald Chanda, who used to be the economic adviser to Chiluba, was arrested in connection with the theft of 4 500 US dollars (around 4 000 euros) allegedly stolen from the public service pensions fund, Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) spokesman Silwaba Mwaanga said.

The former minister of Northern Province Daniel Kapapa, who is also Chiluba's in-law, has been arrested and charged with abuse of office during his time in the last government.

Kapapa is alleged to have sold computers and facsimile machines to the government without following tender procedures, a spokesman of the task force on corruption said in a statement.

The former chief executive of the government pension fund, Offman Gondwe, was also arrested in connection with the same alleged embezzlement scam, Mwaanga said.

"Both Gondwe and Chanda have been given bond and will appear in court on September 19, 2003," Mwaanga said.

Richard Sakala who served as presidential spokesman during Chiluba's reign has been in detention for moe than one year on charges of corruption and theft of government funds.

Chiluba and several other senior officials who served in his government are facing various charges of theft, corruption and abuse of office during the time they were in government between 1991 and 2001.

President Levy Mwanawasa last year launched an anti-corruption drive which has seen his predecessor, Chiluba, and several of his former officials arrested for allegedly siphoning off millions of dollars of state funds while in office.

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