Publication: The Star Issued: Date: 2004-06-05 Reporter: Angela Quintal

Complaints Pile Up Against Ngcuka



The Star

Date 2004-06-05


Angela Quintal

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Bulelani Ngcuka, National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) head has been the subject of five prominent complaints over the past seven months, according to the Public Protector's office.

Earlier this week, Sheila Camerer, Democratic Alliance MP, expressed concern that whenever the Scorpions were investigating a high-profile person they hotfooted their way to Lawrence Mushwana, public protector .

Camerer is one of two DA MPs who will serve on the 17-member committee set up by the National Assembly to process Mushwana's report into Deputy President Jacob Zuma's complaint against Ngcuka and the NPA.

Mushwana found that Ngcuka had violated Zuma's constitutional right to dignity and had unfairly prejudiced him by publicly stating that there was a prima facie case of corruption against him, but that chances of a successful prosecution were slim.

Mushwana also recommended that parliament should hold Ngcuka accountable for allegedly failing to co-operate with the Public Protector investigation.

Camerer said there was a need to ensure that the mandate of the NPA and the Public Protector did not overlap.

Although the Public Protector was not allowed to investigate cases that were already in the courts, there was a grey area when it came to investigations.

"As soon as someone gets wind that they're under investigation, they rush off to the Public Protector. Forget the personalities involved, it's been very damaging to the institution and it could get worse."

Camerer said there was a need to amend either the Public Protector Act or the NPA Act.

With acknowledgements to Angela Quintal and The Star.