Publication: Mail and Guardian Issued: Date: 2004-06-25 Reporter: Vusi Mahaye

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When we were approached by Marianne Merten about Deputy President Jacob Zuma's chairing of the African National Congress political committee, she put to us that there was a conflict of interest and he should recuse himself. We argued that there was no need for the deputy president to recuse himself, as there was no conflict of interest.

Merten had a preconceived idea of recusal and we did not agree with her. It will not be correct to suggest that I confirmed the failure to recuse by the deputy president, as I did not share that view. However, I did confirm that he chaired the meeting.

The ANC parliamentary caucus reiterates its view that there was no conflict of interest in the deputy president chairing the committee that discussed the names of ANC representatives to the committee dealing with the Public Protector's report.

Vusi "Cuba" Mahaye, head of communications, ANC parliamentary caucus

With acknowledgements to Vusi Mahaye and the Mail & Guardian.