Publication: Sunday Times Issued: Date: 2004-10-03 Reporter: Mzilikazi wa Afrika Reporter: Paddy Harper

They Will Sit in the Witness Box



Sunday Times

Date 2004-10-03


Mzilikazi wa Afrika, Paddy Harper

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This is the latest list of state witnesses who will be called to give evidence in the trial against Schabir Shaik, starting in the Durban High Court on October 11.

1. Prakash Soni Amrathiall, owner of Casanova, an upmarket men’s boutique in Durban where Shaik is alleged to have paid for Zuma’s clothing;

2. Ismail Ayob, lawyer of former President Nelson Mandela and member of the Nelson Mandela Foundation;

3. Celia Bester, La Lucia, Durban;

4. Lynette Heather Brink, administrator at the school which Zuma’s children attended in Durban;

5. Alec Nicolas Brink, chartered accountant, Nelspruit;

6. Esme Britz from the Directorate of Special Operations (DSO), Pretoria;

7. Cornelius Willem Britz, managing director, Computer Security Forensic Solutions (CSFS), Pretoria;

8. Joy Brown, Bluff, Durban;

9. Ziyad Abdool Raouf Bundhun, Mauritius;

10. Kobus Cloete, ex-radar manager, Armscor, Pretoria;

11. Graham David Dawes, Deloitte, Cape Town;

12. Patricia de Lille, MP and leader of the Independent Democrats;

13. Derrick Charles Dewey, Department of Defence, Pretoria;

14. William John Downer, deputy director of the DSO, Pretoria;

15. John Dover, London, England;

16. Izak du Plooy, DSO, Pretoria;

17. Johan du Plooy, DSO, Pretoria;

18. Helena Johanna Duberly, Westville, Durban;

19. John William Dwyer, KPMG, Johannesburg;

20. Martinus Johannes Engelbrecht, CSFS, Pretoria ;

21. Heinrich de Waal Esterhuyse, ex-acting managing director, Armscor;

22. Nora Fakude-Nkuna, a businesswoman who has served on various regulatory bodies. In 1998 she was appointed chairman of Bohlabela Wheels, the first black-owned company to be accredited by Armscor;

23. Gerda Ferreira, former Scorpions advocate who now works for Nedcor. She was the chief investigator in the Tony Yengeni case. He was sentenced to four years for not disclosing a massive discount he got on a 4X4 vehicle from a company which had a stake in the arms deal;

24. Colin Brian Fletcher, Durban manager of National Airways Corporation (NAC), has been subpoenaed to give evidence about two flights chartered by Shaik’s Nkobi Holdings, one to Johannesburg and one to Cape Town;

25. Stephan Joseph Franke, Westville, Durban;

26. Phambili Achua Gama, co-director of Nkobi Holdings, in Durban;

27. Sew Gangapersad, Jacobs, Durban;

28. Paul Gering, partner in David, Strachan & Taylor, Durban-based auditors and chartered accountants;

29. Anthony Gibb, auditor at David, Strachan & Taylor, Durban;

30. Gonaselan Govender, Isipingo Beach, Durban;

31. David Griesel, Armscor, Pretoria.

32. Kevin Phillip Hanafey, senior manager of Armscor’s maritime division, Pretoria;

33. Ingrid Havemann, Firstrand homeloans division, Durban;

34. Ursula Herfurth, DSO, Pretoria;

35. Johann Hershensohn, Morningside, Johannesburg;

36. Mananki Hororto, DSO, Pretoria;

37. Colin Isaacs, Nkobi Holdings accountant, Durban;

38. Azad Ismail, Winkelspruit, Durban South;

39. Dharmendra Jugoo, Mauritius;

40. Mohamed Ismael Kajee, Durban;

41. Rear-Admiral Jonathan Edwin Gold Kamerman, of the corvette programme, based in Germany;

42. John Kanyane, DSO, Pretoria;

43. Jurgen Kogl, director of Cay Nominees, Johannesburg. It has been alleged that this company paid the rent on a flat owned by Zuma in Johannesburg;

44. Barend Jakobus Labuschagne, CSFS, Pretoria;

45. Vinesh Lechman, Durban;

46. Godwin Benoni Lekhuleni, DSO, Pretoria;

47. Professor John Lennon, Glasgow University, Scotland;

48. Johan George Anthony Lochner, Durban;

49. Jakobus Gehardus Louw, DSO, Pretoria;

50. Jannie Lubbe, KPMG Forensics, Bloemfontein;

51. Alex Maboena, intelligence analyst with the South African Bank Risk Intelligence Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg;

52. Willem Jaco Lubbe, DSO, Pretoria;

53. Bhekumuzi Samson Madlala, Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal;

54. Kabi Madumise, DSO, Pretoria;

55. Eric Malengret, hired by Zuma to build his R1.3-million residence at Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal;

56. Abdool Qabir Mangeras, Kwadukuza, Kwazulu-Natal.

57. Lewis Robert Mathieson, ex- corvette combat suite acquisition manager, Armscor, Pretoria;

58. Cynthia Mikosi, DSO, Pretoria;

59. Ntombenthle Mkoroana, DSO, Pretoria;

60. Philip Molokomme, DSO, Pretoria;

61. Anand Moodley, Shaik’s former lawyer;

62. Adriaan Izak Moolman, Pretoria;

63. Molahlegi William Mosena, Pretoria;

64. Pierre Moynot, former ADS chief executive officer, Thint Holdings, Pretoria;

65. Solomon Mpoyi, DSO, Pretoria;

66. Vikash Bharathlal Narsai, from Vikash N, Durban;

67. Felix Ndlovu, DSO, Pretoria;

68. Nokuthula Ngubane, Durban;

69. Fritz Nortje, corvette acquisition manager, based in Germany;

70. Tracy O’Brien, Johannesburg;

71. Andre Ohmstedt, Pretoria;

72. Robyn Panier, Zurich, Switzerland;

73. Gary Frederick Parker, KPMG, Johannesburg;

74. Ahmed Ebrahim Paruk, partner, David, Strachan & Taylor, Durban;

75. Christiaan Louis Pelser, Thint Holdings, Pretoria;

76. Piet Pieterse, DSO, Pretoria;

77. Satish Ramsumer, Durban;

78. David Stratfold Read, KPMG, Johannesburg;

79. Vathasallum “Vivian” Reddy, Durban businessman, chairman of Monte Vista Casino and Sugar Mill Casino and the Edison Corporation, all in Kwazulu-Natal;

80. Captain Andrew Cuthbert Reed, project officer for the submarine project, based in Germany;

81. Craig Retief, CSFS, Pretoria;

82. Marius Rhedder, Forensic Science Laboratory, Pretoria;

83. Johannes Roux, CSFS, Pretoria;

84. John Michael Samuel, Johannesburg;

85. Terence Langridge Sawyer, Johannesburg;

86. Dawood Seedat, South African Revenue Service, Pretoria;

87. Sabeer Sheik-Ibrahim, Indonesia;

88. Dominick Bekabakubo Shezi, Durban lawyer-turned-businessman;

89. Tazi Christinah Sibanyoni, DSO, Pretoria;

90. Vice-Admiral Robert Claude Simpson-Anderson, ex-chief of the SA Navy, Cape Town;

91. Professor Themba Joseph Sono, deputy president of the Independent Democrats and founding member of Nkobi Holdings, Pretoria;

92. Lieutenant-General (retired) Pierre Dirksen Steyn, ex-Secretary for Defence, Pretoria;

93. Ramilingham Subramani, La Lucia, Durban;

94. Alain Thetard, former Southern African head of French arms company Thomson CSF, now known as Thint (Pty) Ltd. Ex-chairman of ADS;

95. Ingrid May Claire Turner, Glenmore, Durban;

96. Nilia van Coller, Absa Business Centre, La Lucia, Durban;

97. Johan van der Walt, KPMG, Johannesburg;

98. Rear-Admiral Servaas Johannes Verster, director of weapons systems, Department of Defence, Pretoria;

99. Gerhard Wilhelm Visagie, Beacon Bay, East London;

100. Johan Vorster, Ariviakom (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg;

101. Elizabeth Dorothea Webster, Empangeni, Kwazulu-Natal;

102. Christiaan Hendrick Willemse, Johannesburg;

103. David Wilson, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;

104. Gavin Woods, IFP MP and present member and chairman of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts;

105. Richard Young, Cape Town businessman whose company, CCII systems, lost out on a subcontract to supply combat technology for the navy’s corvettes.

With acknowledgements to Mzilikazi wa Afrika, Paddy Harper and the Sunday Times.