Publication: Cape Times Issued: Date: 2004-03-10 Reporter: Charles Phahlane

Zuma Dismisses 'Speculation' Over Successor



Cape Times

Date 2004-03-10


Charles Phahlane

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The ANC was a stable organisation and there should be no concerns about a successor to President Thabo Mbeki, his deputy Jacob Zuma said.

Addressing members of the Presidential Press Corps this week, Zuma said these questions had always arisen from people who had no understanding of how the ANC worked.

Zuma said there were many names being bandied about as possible successors to Mbeki precisely because the ANC had a large pool of people who could assume the leadership mantle.

If the ANC were short of leaders they could have stretched former president Nelson Mandela's leadership for a longer time.

Mbeki, he said, has been more than able in his job, with many world leaders seeking his counsel before taking major decisions.

Zuma said recent stories about the possibility of two deputies for Mbeki or three presidents for the country were pure speculation.

With acknowledgements to Charles Phahlane and the Cape Times.