Publication: The Natal Witness Issued: Date: 2004-10-05 Reporter: Editorial Opinion

Corruption Charge



The Natal Witness

Date 2004-10-05


Editorial Opinion

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The spokesperson for Deputy President Jacob Zuma has said that the allegations of corruption against him are "baseless and untruthful". It is worth noting, however, that the 250-page forensic report into the dealings of his financial adviser Schabir Shaik, in which he reportedly comes in for frequent mention, was not drawn up by some dirt-digging journalist but by the international firm of auditors KPMG.

With the trial of Shaik now less than a week away, the public should at last get some answers to the many questions that have been raised about the arms deal. Zuma's reputation has been tarnished by untested allegations of the receipt of financial favours from Shaik in return for the use of his influence. It is high time the air was cleared.

With acknowledgement to The Natal Witness.