Publication: Sapa Issued: Pretoria Date: 2004-10-29 Reporter: Sapa

Grandson of Namibian Diplomat to be Arrested on Friday : NPA






Date 2004-10-29




The grandson of a Namibian diplomat based in Pretoria is to be arrested on Friday, the National Prosecuting Authority said.

Spokesman Makhosini Nkosi said Zondi Ashipembe, 20, would be arrested by police as soon as arrangements could be made with the police to do so.

Ashipembe was arrested by police last week after an attack on former NPA prosecutor, advocate Gerda Ferreira, in her townhouse in Pretoria.

Ferreira's residence is close to that of Ashipembe, grandson of Maria Amathila, the third secretary at the Namibian High Commission.

He was released from custody as he had diplomatic immunity.

Namibia was then asked to waive his immunity. Windhoek agreed on Friday, clearing the way for his arrest.

Nkosi said Ashipembe would face charges of housebreaking with the intent to rob, aggravated robbery and two charges of attempted rape.

Ashipembe briefly appeared in the Pretoria Regional Court prior to his release under diplomatic immunity on similar charges.

It was alleged at the time he had allegedly broken into Ferreira's home, had tied her up, had threatened her with a knife and tried to rape her twice.

She later escaped through a window and called for help.

During a police search of Ashipembe's nearby townhouse, a camera belonging to Ferreira was among the goods seized.

Police are investigating the possibility that he previously burgled her home.

Ferreira played a key role in bringing corruption charges against businessman Schabir Shaik, who is currently standing trial in Durban on corruption charges.

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