Publication: Sapa Issued: Date: 2004-10-21 Reporter: Sapa

Key Report for Shaik Trial






Date 2004-10-21




A comprehensive audit report on Schabir Shaik's company books, commissioned by the Scorpions, is to be presented in court when his corruption trial resumes in the Durban High Court on Thursday.

The document, sections of which have already been leaked to the media, will be introduced when KPMG accountant Johan van der Walt takes the stand.

According to prosecutor Billy Downer, Van der Walt will bring "numerous files" with him to back up his testimony, and temporary shelving is to be installed in the court to accommodate them.

On Wednesday evening, Shaik's defence team was expected to meet the prosecution to discuss what admissions it was prepared to make in terms of the material in the report -- a process which could shorten the time Van der Walt spends in the witness stand.

Shaik has pleaded not guilty to two charges of corruption and one of fraud.

The state claims he bankrolled Deputy President Jacob Zuma in return for Zuma's lending political clout to further Shaik's business interests --including a slice of the arms deal -- and that he cheated his own Nkobi group of companies.

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