Publication: Business Day Date: 2004-10-20 Reporter: Don Lindsay

Satire or Worse



Business Day

Date 2004-10-20


Don Lindsay

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What has happened to David Gleason or, rather, his intellect? In his column of October 18, the normally independent and coherent Gleason slides into the populist mode in grand style. Please God! this is just a bad attempt at satire, or my favourite Monday read has been ruined.

He joins the ranks of the political subterfugists who allude to a political motive behind the Shaik trial, to whom he refers using the hazy pronoun "they".

He suggests this "they" group is made up of presidential wannabees (unnamed) supported by the "white business" lobby (yawn). He then goes on to refer glibly to the "subliminal dislike shared by many South Africans for Indians".

Hello? What planet is he on? Pieter-Dirk Uys can get away with saying this kind of thing, but not Gleason assuming that it was intended to be satirical, or

Don Lindsay
Henley on Klip

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