Publication: Beeld Issued: Date: 2004-10-17 Reporter: Adriaan Basson Reporter: JanJan Joubert

Shaik : Secret Witness to Appear




Date 2004-10-17


Adriaan Basson, Jan-Jan Joubert

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Durban - It is expected that a secret witness will be one of the aces up the sleeve of the prosecution this week in the Schabir Shaik trial.

Shaik is facing two charges of corruption and one of fraud in the Durban High Court.

"If you thought the past week's exposures were interesting, you will have to wait on what is still to come.

"Anybody missing the evidence of the next number of days, must have his head read," a source close to the prosecuting team said on Friday.

Claims have been made that the names of several witnesses do not appear on the list of people who will testify.

Rumours have it though that a secretary, either that of Shaik or of Alain Thétard of Thint weapons company, will testify on Monday against Shaik.

A fierce duel is also being fought between the prosecution and Schaik's legal team about the state's unwillingness to show the order in which witnesses will testify.

The state hopes to prove that Shaik had a corrupt relationship with deputy president Jacob Zuma in an effort to be awarded government contracts.

Other charges concern "payments" to the value of R1.28m to Zuma by Schaik's companies.

With acknowledgements to Jan-Jan Joubert, Adriaan Basson and the Beeld.