Publication: Cape Argus Issued: Date: 2004-10-22 Reporter:

Singh Sings



Cape Argus

Date 2004-10-22


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Schabir Shaik's one-time personal assistant, Bianca Singh, deftly avoided waiting cameramen outside Durban High Court when she arrived to give evidence in the Durban businessman's trial on Monday.

It was left to court artists to show us what she looked like, and the only kind interpretation to put on the two sketches is that the one (by the Independent Newspapers artist) must have been done early in the day and the other (by media24) after hours of gruelling cross-examination.

Singh will surely go down as the supplier of one of the quotes of the year in her evidence on Monday. She told the court that Shaik once suggested she go on a project management course because he wanted her to manage a hotel project at Kosi Bay.

He told her she would need to be at his "beck and call" and went on to say that was how his relationship with various ministers was.

"He said he has to carry a jar of Vaseline because he gets ****** (expletive deleted by editors) all the time but that's okay because he gets what he wants and they get what they want," she said.

With acknowledgement to the Cape Argus.

* Although this evidence might amuse newspaper editors and some (presumably) of their readers, the fact of the matter is that Shaikh's counsel Francois van Zyl SC, admitted on his client's behalf that Shaikh indeed made the first part of the statement, but denied the second part.

However, it is unlikely, even implausible, that Singh would have even remembered Shaikh making the statement, or would have given evidence as to the relevance of the statement, had the statement not been made in whole. Furthermore, this statement was not something Singh merely overheard, it was said directly to her by the Defendant and concerned a matter directly relevant to her.

But the inference of the "he gets what he wants and they get what they want" is truly damning concerning the bipolar character of the crime of corruption (as charged on two counts, one involving Zuma, the other involving Thint (Pty) Ltd - neither of whom are co-defendants, a fact that is severely curtailing the leading of relevant evidence).

At this stage, the "they" can truly be said to include :

During the upcoming evidence, another dozen or two big, medium, small and dead fish are surely going to suffer the light of day.

Some names to look out for in upcoming evidence and events :