Publication: Sunday Times Issued: Date: 2004-10-24 Reporter: Dan Nkosi

Zuma Isn't on Trial



Sunday Times

Date 2004-10-24


Dan Nkosi

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I would like to respond to the editorial "The real succession debate" (October 17), which says that "the more urgent discussion for the country right now should be about who should succeed [Jacob] Zuma as Deputy President".

Judge Hillary Squires has said that the trial is not about the Deputy President and he still has to pronounce on all matters before him. It seems the Sunday Times is not prepared to respect Zuma's office and the court proceedings in Durban.

The appointment of the Deputy President is the prerogative of the President, not the Sunday Times editor. That will be done at the right forum, not through media debate.

With acknowledgements to Dan Nkosi and the Sunday Times.