Publication: Cape Times Issued: Date: 2006-11-09 Reporter: R George Reporter:

Shaiks' Arrogance



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R. George, Pinelands

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It was with incredulity that I read the interview given by Yunis and Mo Shaik in response to the Supreme Court of Appeal's dismissal of their brother Schabir's appeal against his fraud and corruption conviction (November 7)... from R George of Pinelands

Yunis Shaik warned that Schabir's upheld conviction and, therefore, the possibility of Jacob Zuma's re-trial, will affect the destiny of South Africa and, as a result, tensions will again rise in the country.

The inference was that a successful appeal would have been in the best interest of the country and, thereby, prevent possible divisiveness and violence. What self-serving nonsense.

The Shaiks seem to just ignore the fact that Schabir is an unscrupulous criminal who has used the second-highest ranking South African politician, and others, for his own personal enrichment. Any tension, divisiveness and violence will be directly attributable to him.

With acknowledgement to R. George and Cape Times.