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Barbara's Boodle



Noseweek, Issue 83

Date September 2006

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Mr Nose recalls that, in nose81 it was revealed that only a week before the final arms deal contracts were concluded in 1999, Mrs Barbara Masekela, then SA ambassador in Paris, had advised notorious French defence suppliers Thompsons/Thales/Thint (they keep changing their name in a bid to escape their wicked past) that she could not, as ambassador, be in a “direct” business relationship with a French company (for “ethical” reasons).

She did, however, suggest they should deal with her Joburg-based friend, Jurgen Kögl in her stead.

In recent weeks, while Barbara was on a rush visit home for urgent consultations with the president and other friends about the latest most unfortunate developments on that front – I mean, what does one say when they ask you?! – she had dinner with a mutual friend. Naturally, Jurgen Kögl – he’s not much in favour in our circles right now – came up for discussion. “Yes,” said Barbara, “he stole my money!”

Mr Nose and all his friends are very shocked to hear it. And too discreet to ask: What money are we talking about? n

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