Publication: The Citizen Issued: Date: 2006-05-08 Reporter: Sapa

Zuma Verdict Greeted with Cheers In Court



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Johannesburg – Hugs, cheers of joy and ululation marked former deputy president Jacob Zuma’s not guilty verdict on Monday.

His supporters jumped onto the Johannesburg High Court benches and sang “uZuma yo my president” and shrieked and ululated.

Zuma held his lawyer Kemp J Kemp in a tight embrace and then moved down the line to thank the other four lawyers who helped secure his freedom.

State prosecutor Charin de Beer picked up her bag and quickly walked out of court -- without commenting.

Zuma disappeared from court soon afterwards, his bodyguards remaining mum.

Meanwhile, reporters and photographers were waiting to hear him speak.

Don Mkhwanazi, chairman of the friends of Jacob Zuma Trust, told Sapa “it is important that justice has triumphed. I believe very seriously the complainant is also a victim, she needs help, there is no doubt about that.

 “The judge is amazing. This is very encouraging for South Africa, because we cannot allow ourselves to doubt the justice system.”

 It also enables the Trust to raise money for his forthcoming corruption trial in Durban.

After a not guilty finding a person is entitled to have his bail money returned, in Zuma’s case R20 000.

With acknowledgement to Sapa and The Citizen.