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Crooks Hide at NPA, Young Communists Claim



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The Young Communist League (YCL) has accused the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) of "hiding crooks who have political interests."

Addressing a crowd of about 1 500 people in Durban Friday, the KwaZulu-Natal deputy general secretary of the YCL Buthi Manamela said: "There are crooks hiding in the NPA under the guise of prosecutors.

"These NPA crooks have a political agenda. People factionalised themselves in the NPA and the ANC for political interests."

Manamela was speaking at the end of a march called by the Congress of Trade Unions of South Africa (Cosatu).

The march down Durbanis West Street was called by Cosatu to demand that the NPA does not postpone the corruption trial of ANC deputy president Jacob Zuma.

The state has filed an application to have Zumais trial and that of French arms manufacturing company Thint postponed. This application would be argued in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Monday.

Manamela accused the NPA of seeking a postponement in the hope that "comrade Zuma will commit a crime between Monday and February.

"If the case is postponed, it means the NPA does not have a case against him." *1

A memorandum was handed over to two representatives from the NPA before marchers dispersed.

The event was initially cancelled after authorities refused to grant permission for the march, but they reversed their decision late on Thursday night.

Striking Shoprite workers joined them.

There was a heavy police presence at the march which disrupted mid-morning traffic. No incidents of violence or vandalism were reported.

A West Street curtain shop owner, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: "We're finished.. We have the crime and the muggings that keep customers away.

"These marches take away the little (business) that we have left. I'm fed up."

With acknowledgements to Sapa and Independent Online.

*1      Young Communist logic; just "no case against him" - forget the five or so relevant application before the same court judge, the Mauritius matter, the Shaikh appeal and the completion of the multi-hundred page Bloodhound Report No. 2.