Publication: Mail and Guardian Issued: Date: 2006-05-26 Reporter: Sukasha Singh

We Need More Driver Education



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Sukasha Singh


From a second-hand Ford Grenada to two top-of-the-range BMW's, Shabir Shaik shares his motoring experiences with Sukasha Singh.

What was the first car you bought and what influenced the purchase? My first car was a second-hand Ford Grenada. This was a means to get to work and back (Sekunda to Durban).

Are you passionate about cars or are they just a means to an end for you? Initially this was a means to and end. I am now more passionate about performance/design, interiors and modern technologies employed.

If you had a weekend to drive to any destination in South Africa, where would you go, what car would you be driving, who would you take and what would the music be? The Garden Route to Cape Town. Alone listening to a combination of religious Qur'anic recitations and Ravi Shankar collections.

When was the last time you knowingly broke a traffic law? Unknowingly, about three months ago. I received a R300 fine in Durban.

How much was your most expensive traffic fine and what was it for? R300.

What do you think our traffic authorities could do to lower the rate of road deaths in South Africa? Conduct more vehicle roadworthy tests. Clamp down harder on the motor vehicle testing grounds in their procedures.

What annoys you most about other drivers? Refusing to comply with the keep left and pass right principle. Driver education could help alleviate this. This applies to all taxis.

What's the nastiest thing you've done to another car or had done to your car? I have never been nasty and respect other's property. I have had a nasty individual key walk my car from one end to the other.

What car are you currently driving, how many cars do you own and what are they? Currently I drive a BMW 745i Individual and a BMW 645i Cabriolet.

Are any of your vehicles armour-plated? Yes. (Guess which one?)

Now that you're a father, are you more aware of the safety features of cars? Safety features have always been of high importance to me when choosing a car.

Would you prefer to be driven around by a chauffeur? Yes.

Do you ever talk on your cellphone while driving? No, I am unfortunately not exposed to this as both my vehicles have onboard phones and hands-free (kits).

What gadget should car manufacturers put into cars that would make life easier? I would be amused if the motor manufacturers would introduce a voice that prompted the driver of a taxi to "move to the left lane" when a vehicle approached his vehicle's rear.

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