Publication: The Witness Issued: Date: 2006-11-10 Reporter: Sandile waka-Zamisa Reporter:

Shaik’s Brother in Media Scuffle



The Witness

Date 2006-11-10


Sandile waka-Zamisa

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Notwithstanding the Shaik family’s declaration of a “media shut-down”, Yunus Shaik was spotted in Durban on Wednesday with an Independent Group reporter *1 at a popular restaurant, Spiga d’Oro, when an crew unexpectedly emerged with cameras and microphones asking questions.

This did not please Shaik, who responded violently. McIntosh Nzimande, an journalist, said Shaik threatened to slice him and his cameraman, S’bu Mfeka, with a broken glass. “He smashed a glass, came to me *2, grabbed my microphone and threw it to my cameraman,” said Nzimande.

The restaurant’s waiters allegedly chased out the crew.

Responding to allegations that restaurant owner Marco Santoniccolo’s mother, Giussi Santoniccolo, was grabbed by the neck, Nzimande denied doing anything to fight back. “We did not do anything, after all we are not allowed to hit back.”

Mfeka recorded the whole ordeal as it happened and a tape has been sent to management to make a decision on the matter.

Nzimande could not say what steps will take regarding the incident. “Management will decide what to do with the tape,” he said.

Santoniccolo could not be reached for comment. When his restaurant was contacted for a response, The Witness was told that he was in a meeting. Repeated calls made to his office later yesterday were not answered.

*1       Surely not Karen Bliksem, triple-saucing her next sob story about the misfortunes of one of Durban's pre-eminent struggle families?

*2      Might be cause for racheting up the Qalakabusha Shaik presence to half a bridge table - maybe there'll eventually be a full table.