Publication: Sapa Issued: Cape Town Date: 2006-07-31 Reporter: Sapa Reporter:

Travelgate Postponed to October





Cape Town

Date 2006-07-31




Cape Judge President John Hlope on Monday acceded to a defence proposal to postpone *1 Parliament's Travelgate trial.

Hlope postponed the case to October 17.

Twenty-eight people -- 23 current and former MPs and five travel agents -- are in the dock for alleged defrauding Parliament of some R24 million.

With acknowledgement to Sapa.

*1      Sometimes it is the defence seeks a postponement, other times it might be the plaintiff or The State.

It's more often than not that it's in the pursuit of proper justice that such postponement are sought, seldom do top State prosecutors toady to political puppeteers and seek to use postponements as the means of undermining the rights or futures of their opponents.