Publication: Noseweek Issued: Date: 2007-07-26 Reporter: The Editor

Arms and the Middle Man







The Editor


Forget Ronald's Bitter and mostly unreadable contortions about Thabo - if you want to know what the ANC is about today, read Terry Crawford-Brown's long anticipated book on the Arms Deal, called Eye on the Money. As its title suggests, the book reveals how the ANC government's defence policy has had little or nothing to do with "native" intelligence.

Arms Deal politics is unravelling everywhere in the world, not just in our country. It's a subject of our time. Besides giving the inside track on the South African deal, Crawford-Brown's book shows how shockingly obvious some of its more shocking features have always been - looked at by anyone with morals and some common sense. Eye on the Money is in bookshops this month. Add it to your shopping list.

With acknowledgements to The Editor and Noseweek.