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South African citizens will be legitimately concerned about action that President Thabo Mbeki has taken against one of this country's security chiefs - the national director of public prosecutions, Advocate Vusi Pikoli.

Pikoli, who was suspended on Monday, became the second key national security figure against whom the head of state has acted. The first was the then head of National Intelligence Agency, Billy Masetlha, who is currently contesting his dismissal in court.

Ironically, Masetlha was fired for the same reason for which Pikoli has now been suspended: an irretrievable breakdown of relations with the cabinet minister in charge of his portfolio.

Naturally, questions would be asked whether the high exodus of key players at this high level could jeopardise national security.

We have no doubt that Mbeki has applied his mind to the matter involving Pikoli. We also have no reason to doubt that when the president acted in the manner that he did, he had the best interest of this country at heart. We believe that in executing his duties to the nation, Mbeki is guided by the constitution *1.

With acknowledgements to The Star.

*1       More likely guided by self-interest *2

*2      Otherwise a more plausible explanation would have been given by now.