Publication: Cape Argus Issued: Date: 2008-03-03 Reporter: Sapa

Shaiks Insist Plagiarism Accusations are False



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The family of Shamin "Chippy" Shaik continues to deny the accusations of plagiarism that last week saw Shaik stripped of his doctorate in mechanical engineering.

Last Wednesday, the University of KwaZulu-Natal Senate accepted the recommendations of the academic affairs board that Shaik's PhD be withdrawn, because of "incontrovertible evidence Shaik copied from earlier work and presented this as his own".

"Looking at the various papers, related to the thesis and published between 1997 and 2005, in isolation there is no doubt whatsoever, that someone had plagiarised massively," the university said in its reasons for the resolution.

Yesterday, Chippy Shaik's brother and lawyer, Yunis, maintained that no reasons had been given for Chippy being stripped of his doctorate.

He said the senate's decision was "startling and the process that produced it a gross violation of the rules of fair play and natural justice".

His brother intended to challenge the university's decision in the High Court, he said.

"He was not afforded a proper opportunity to defend the thesis; instead all he was provided with (was) a list of questions to respond to.

"His written reply was comprehensive and proved conclusively *1 that he did not plagiarise," Yunis said in a statement.

However, Richard Young, the man who spent three years investigating Shaik's PhD at "huge expense", yesterday told the Cape Argus he was "relieved" with the university's finding that collaborated 100% with his original theory.

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*1       Well, we have one earthly solar system with eight planets in it.

Then we have Pluto which used to think it was a planet, but its status was revoked after it was found to be circumnavigating on an entirely different planar orbit.