Publication: The Times Issued: Date: 2008-01-15 Reporter: Moipone Malefane

Blog on : "Come Clean on The Arms Deal, ANC Tells Mbeki"



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Reporter Moipone Malefane

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EW said at Mar 16 2008 10:25PM

PS. What happened to Mr R M Young website? That is now a real beauty and magnifence contribution to humanity. Every printed word regarding the armsdeal you could have found there.Does the website still exist or has the name been change or what is the reason that I can't go in the website anymore?




The "R M Young" website, actually the Arms Deal Virtual Press Office ( is still going strong, but suffered from a failed power supply on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, probably courtesy is this rubbish Eskom power to which we've been subjected of late. But it should be up by 10:00 CAT Monday.

All are invited to read some or all of the 10 000 plus press articles on the website.

The truth of "the deal' comes through the range of press articles, editorial, court documents and relevant commentary.


With acknowledgements to Moipone Malefane and The Times.