Publication: Business Day Issued: Date: 2008-12-06 Reporter: Hajra Omarjee

Pikoli Saga Drawing to a Close



Business Day

Date 2008-12-06


Hajra Omarjee

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The final chapter in the Vusi Pikoli saga will be written
next week when President Kgalema Motlanthe announces his decision on the future of the suspended National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) head.

Because Pikoli is
expected to resign from office if reinstated, Motlanthe will have to find his replacement quickly, given the explosive relationship between the NPA and the African National Congress (ANC) because of its intention to prosecute the partyís president, Jacob Zuma.

The NPA has appealed against the Pietermaritzburg High Courtís decision to drop corruption charges against him.

The Presidency and the ANC would not be drawn on Friday on the outcome of the Frene Ginwala inquiry into Pikoliís fitness to hold office. This follows several media leaks suggesting that former president Thabo Mbeki ó who removed Pikoli from office in September last year ó has been absolved of any wrongdoing.

The Ginwala report has not yet been released by the Presidency, and the leaks suggest there are attempts to ease the pressure on Motlanthe to make a decision.

The Mail & Guardian reported on Friday that Ginwala had cleared Mbeki of ďabuse of executive powerĒ because
she rejected Pikoliís contention that Mbeki had suspended him to derail the investigation of national police commissioner Jackie Selebi.

Motlantheís handling of the Pikoli matter will be his first major public challenge since taking office in October. He was installed following the ANCís decision to axe Mbeki, after Judge Chris Nicholsonís finding that the executive had interfered in the NPAís investigation of Zuma.

Zuma is the ANCís presidential candidate for next yearís general election.

Acting NPA head Mokotedi Mpshe has been in a
running battle with the ANC since taking office, following several controversial media interviews.

In an SABC interview days after Zumaís election, Mpshe announced the ANC presidentís impending arrest. Mpshe also earned the ANCís wrath last month following an interview in City Press in which he criticised Nicholsonís judgment.

Motlanthe is under even more political pressure, after being censured by the ANCís national working committee over the cabinetís continued support for Mbekiís legal action to try to overturn the Nicholson judgment.

Motlanthe must also handle the Pikoli matter as the ANC is selecting candidates for its lists for next yearís election. While Zuma is the ANCís presidential candidate , Motlanthe must win the support of ANC branches if he wants to be number two on the ruling partyís list of candidates .

Motlanthe must accept or reject Ginwalaís findings, either in part or in full.

He also has the task of charting the way forward for the NPA.

Pikoli has been offered a job at Mvelaphanda Holdings, headed by businessman Tokyo Sexwale.

He told Business Day in June that the offer was something he was considering seriously, but he wanted to
clear his name first*1.

With acknowledgements to Hajra Omarjee and Business Day.

*1      Unlike this predecessor whose name is forever sullied for :
*2      This was clearly to protect his boss Thabo Mbeki who was clearly and unlawfully up to his fishy *3 gills with this French merde.

*3      But got busted by The Fishers of Corrupt Men, a founder member of whom is The Gentleman Litigant.

*4      Remember the Taiwanese La Fayette frigate deal where Thomson-CSF was prima contractor and Alain Thetard was one of its chief smoothers based in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese government has proven that the deal involved about US$0,52 billion in bribes on a US$3,0 billion contract (close as dammit to the infamous 15%).

This bribery deal is dwarfed only by British Aerospace's Al Yam deal in Saudi Arabia.

Alain Thetard came straight from Taiwan to South Africa to take over as Thomson-CSF's local delegate from Pierre Moynot.

It is also well worth remembering that the Taiwanese Navy's frigate Project Officer Captain Yin Chin-feng was found drowned, floating face downwards in Taipei Harbour.

He is one of 11 persons linked to Thomson-CSF and its dirty deals in Taiwan and elsewhere to have died in mysterious circumstances in recent times.

Other Arms Deal related persons who have died in
South Africa :
Be scared, be very scared.

*5      This was also sudden. Was it also a
sudden cancer?