Publication: Business Day Issued: Date: 2008-06-21 Reporter: Sapa Reporter:

Thint Report Malicious, Sensationalist - ANC



Business Day

Date 2008-06-21
Reporter Sapa
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THE AFRICAN National Congress (ANC) dismissed as "malicious and sensationalist" reports today that the company at the centre of the arms deal controversy, Thint, had donated it R25,000 for a conference.

The Times newspaper reported that Thint donated R25,000 towards the costs of the ANCís KwaZulu-Natal provincial congress. However, the ANCís Mike Mabuyakhulu said the money had not simply been transferred to the ANC, but was a pledge.

He said the newspaperís headline implied that the ANC had been paid before by this company and this was "not the truth". Mabuyakhulu said the party was not a profit-making organisation, but relied on sponsorship from the community and other organisations. Responding to questions from reporters, Mabuyakhulu said the cost of the conference was far greater than Thintís pledge to the ANC."It is a mere fraction of the cost." However, he could not provide a firm figure.

Asked whether the funds were solicited, Mabuyakhulu replied that the circumstance of the pledge were part of a relationship that the ANC would not share with the media.

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