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SCOPA to look at “arms deal”






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The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) of the Fourth Parliament has held its first meeting and will be looking at the still-controversial 1999 Strategic Defence Package (SDP).

The R47.4 billion SDP is better known as the “arms deal” and various allegations of impropriety in the selection of equipment and the contracting for their manufacture have now been in circulation for 10 years.

According to the Parliamentary Monitoring Group’s minutes of Tuesday’s meeting, SCOPA chairman Themba Godi said issue “was not finalised in the Third Parliament”.

He added that a “decision had been taken that anyone who had new information should present this information to SCOPA. There had been one submission from Richard Young that needed to be reviewed, but this process had been frozen pending the establishment of the new SCOPA.

The Chair said that he would distribute copies of the submission. Provision would be made for MPs who wanted to investigate the history of the arms deal, and Richard Young would be approached for further documentation *1,” the PMG quoted Godi saying.

SCOPA will be meeting every Tuesday and Wednesday.

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*1       Not yet they haven't.

But in the early part of the year I gave then a baksteen kakhuis vol which should keep them busy for a while yet.

But let's see how seriously they take this.