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NPA Releases Zuma, Thint Timeline



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A timeline setting out deadlines that the National Prosecuting Authority and lawyers for ANC president Jacob Zuma and arms company Thint have to meet was made an order of the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Wednesday.

The timeline, agreed to last Friday, sets out dates by when Zuma, the NPA, Thint Holdings (Southern Africa) and Thint Pty Ltd have to file their legal papers and when they are expected back in court.

According to the timeline, provided by the NPA, on:

March 16: Thint makes its application for a permanent stay of prosecution;
May 4: The NPA delivers answering papers.
May 18: Thint delivers replying papers *1.
June 3: Thint delivers heads of argument.
June 15: NPA delivers heads of argument.
June 24 and 25: oral argument on permanent stay of prosecution application.

Timeline for Zuma's application for a permanent stay:

May 18: Zuma delivers application for permanent stay of prosecution *2.
July 3: NPA delivers answering papers.
July 24: Zuma delivers replying papers.
August 11: Zuma delivers heads of argument.
August 19: NPA delivers its heads of argument.
August 25: oral argument delivered.

The NPA said the timetable would not be affected by Zuma's application for leave to appeal to the Constitutional Court against the Supreme Court of Appeal's (SCA) judgment of January 12.

However, it added: "In the event that the Constitutional Court grants Zuma's application for leave to appeal against the SCA's judgment of 12 January 2009 and upholds his appeal, the above-mentioned timetable shall fall away in respect of Zuma *3."

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With acknowledgements to Sapa and Cape Argus.

*1*2     Clearly Zuma is being allowed to get a look-in at Thints' entire case as well as the NPA's response before filing its own application for a permanent stay of prosecution.

Then Zuma will have the advantage of seeing both Thints' and the NPA's written and oral heads of arguments before developing his own heads of argument.

It will be interesting to see if the judgment in the Thints application will be handed down before the Zuma application is heard.

*3      Just why should this be?

The Nicholson judgment, which is being appealed, allows for Zuma to be recharged after the NPA has taken representations from him?