Publication: News24 Issued: Date: 2011-06-14 Reporter: Ron Legg

Manuel's condemnation of corruption is hypocritical



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Reporter Ron Legg, Hillcrest
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WHO SHALL I CHOOSE? Trevor Manuel ponders the list of hopefuls

Ron Legg, Hillcrest: Justice Malala, in "Trevor's depressing manual", June 13, mentioned Trevor Manuel's statement on the extent of corruption afflicting us.

Manuel did not appear to deal with why.

We may suggest one reason corruption is today so entrenched.

Manuel could well recall that it was he who told Andrew Feinstein to forget about proceeding with Scopa's investigation into the massive arms deal scandal because he would not win.

That scandal involved individuals at the highest level of government who were fabulously rewarded.

A reported $35-million was paid into ANC funds.

Among those whose integrity was left in tatters was Manuel (then minister of finance).

It's all very well for him to bewail corruption now, but he must accept that it was the Armsgate shame that set the pattern for corruption to take hold *1.

A "tip for Trevor": Take a stand against the secrecy bill because it is designed to shut down exposure of corruption in high places.

With acknowledgements to Ron Legg, Hillcrest and Sunday Times.

*1       The Arms Deal was the cusp of the slippery slope of corruption that will ruin our beloved country in our lifetimes.

That's why I've put 13 years of my life so far into fighting it.

The next round starts on 20 September 2011 in Braamfontein.

Chief Gorilla is Terry Crawford-Browne.

I'm one of the marmosets on his shoulder.

Regarding, the Chacma No. 1 in question, go ask Alan Boesak and Cheryl Carolus about this great anti-corruption fighter.

Firstly ask him what he told Shauket Fakie on 17 October 2001.

I know because Chacma No. 2 wrote it down.

Further, he's an IMF president's poepol.

Unlike the previous IMF president, who took a passing fancy to a New York chambermaid, for nookie this one dumped his wife, the mother of his children, and took off with his Portuguese DG.

The only good thing about this one as a Minister of Finance is, unlike Owen Horwood and Derek Keyes, this one knows that he knows so little about the subject that he actually lets the experts do the job and then takes the shine in Parliament and in the press.