Publication: City Press Issued: Date: 2011-06-19 Reporter: Adriaan Basson

Have you seen Hlongwane?



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Reporter Adriaan Basson
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City Press urgently needs to get in touch with arms dealer and consultant Fana Hlongwane.

Hlongwane (52), is believed to be spending most of his time in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, where he lives, in what has been described as a “Playboy mansion”. He also has property in Zimbali, KwaZulu-Natal.

Swedish arms manufacturer Saab revealed this week that an employee of its partner in the South African arms deal – BAE Systems from Britain – paid Hlongwane R24 million while he was employed by former defence minister Joe Modise as his adviser.

At the same time Hlongwane acted as a consultant to BAE/Saab.

BAE/Saab supplied South Africa with 26 Gripen ­fighter jets at a cost of R30 billion.

Saab’s revelations followed the publication in the Swedish media of a contract between Hlongwane Consulting – one of his companies – and a joint venture between BAE and Saab called Sanip.

City Press called Hlongwane on his cellphone to ask why he was paid R24 million by the successful arms bidder; what services he provided as consultant to BAE/Saab and why he believed wearing two hats then didn’t constitute a conflict of interest.

Hlongwane didn’t answer his phone or respond to our messages.

If you know his whereabouts or how we can get hold of him to ask him these questions, email or fax to 011 713 9966. 

- City Press

With acknowledgements to Adriaan Basson and City Press. 

Now this is what I call pro-active journalism.

Vat hom.

The way to get him is what in military parlance is called vertical envelopment.

Precision parachuting or abseiling from a rotary wing aircraft (don't forget the rope like in Black Hawk Down - it causes death for the idiot and groot kak for all others involved) right into that Hyde Park compound.

There might even be some old-timers from the Rhodesian Light Infantry Fire Force commando that will do this for free, as long as they can get their paws on some of the things that the target acquired with his R250 million share of the BAE/Saab trough (although he's probably given half of this to Menzi Simelane to keep his rear end from being rogered in Westville Penitentiary without his permission).