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CCII Systems engages the services of NG Associates to compete for a piece of Canada's National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy



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Date 2013-05-28
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CCII Systems (Pty) Ltd (CI Systems), a South African systems integrator, today announced that it has engaged the services of NG Associates Inc. (NGAI) as its representative in Canada. CI Systems, a world leader in hardware and software engineering solutions, believes it can make a significant contribution to support Canadas National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS).

We are happy to have found an experienced partner to represent us in Canada, says Dr. Richard Young, founder and Managing Director of CI. We have been providing systems and solutions to navies worldwide for over 20 years and are looking forward to working with Canadian companies on the NSPS. Listed below are some of the nations that CI is currently supplying:
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Royal Navy (RN)
Indian Defence Force
Kuwait Naval Forces (KNF)
NATO Air Force
South African Navy (SAN)
South Korean Navy
Japanese Self-Defence Force
US Navy
US Army
US Marine Corps
US Air Force (USAF)

Key components of the Electronic Systems Suite being proposed by CI Systems and NGAI as part of the NSPS include:

Situational Awareness System
Integrated Combat System
Integrated Navigation and Bridge System
Naval Air/Sea Surveillance Radar
Electronic Warfare System (Radar)
Electronic Warfare System (Communications)
IFF Transponder
IFF Interrogator
Helicopter Take-Off and Landing System
Navigation Distribution System
Navigation Sensor System
External Communication System
Internal Communication System
Optronic Radar Tracker
Internal Voice System
Video Surveillance System
Underwater Telephone
Data Recording System

Should CI Systems secure a portion of the NSPS contract, Dr. Young is committed to establishing support facilities on both the east and west coasts of Canada, however, we will be seeking Canadian suppliers to do the assembly and system integration for us. We are encouraging any interested companies, including First Nations companies, to contact NGAI.

Howard Nash, President of NGAI says, we are looking forward to working alongside CI Systems. CI Systems is committed to providing a highly cost-effective Made in Canada system solution where NGAI will assist in securing qualified Canadian manufacturers and in establishing new facilities to meet IRB offset requirements. We are proud to confirm that CI has committed to involving First Nations companies in their IRB commitment on the NSPS a first for suppliers bidding on this project.

About CI Systems
CI Systems in a South African systems integrator providing advanced hardware and software solutions to aerospace marine and defence companies around the world. With integrated electronic systems solutions and products that support operations from the engine room to the bridge, CI Systems has clearly demonstrated the vibrancy of South Africas aerospace and defence industry. In its integrated system solution and in addition to its own products, CI is offering a number of other tried and tested South African systems including: X-Band Naval Air/Sea Surveillance Radar, X-Band Optronic Radar Tracker, Electro-Optic Tracker, Advanced Radar ESM/ELINT, IFF Transponder and Interrogator, Maritime EW Systems, 7.62, 12.7 and 20 mm Self-Defence Weapons, 35 Dual Purpose Gun, Mokopa Short Range Surface-to-Surface Missile and Umkhonto Surface-to-Air Missile.

About NGAI
NGAI is a registered First Nations company providing proposal assistance, IRB planning and management, supply chain management and supplier performance monitoring services to OEMs. In addition, NGAI offers support services such as matchmaking, business development, contract and project management to SMEs interested in participating in major Canadian aerospace, defence, marine and hydro projects.

Source : NG Associates Inc. (NGAI)

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