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April 2008

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Scorpions Investigator in Court Again 2008-04-29 Cape Times
Mbeki in Bid to Gag Pikoli 2008-04-27 Sunday Independent
ANC versus Scorpions 2008-04-26 Business Day
De Lille Blasts ANC on Corruption 2008-04-25 Cape Argus
World Premiere for Gripen Demo 2008-04-25 ASD Network
Defence Heads Roll 2008-04-25 Mail and Guardian
Tanzanian Government in Turmoil 2008-04-25 Mail and Guardian
Call for Arms Deal Aamnesty 'A Bid to Clear Zuma's Path' 2008-04-25 Cape Times
Shaik Still in Hospital 2008-04-24 Daily News
Vusi Pikoli Able to Tell His Story 2008-04-24 Cape Times
SANDF gearing up for 2010 2008-04-23 Sunday Independent
Bribery Allegations - Thyssen Executive Threaten Damages Action 2008-04-23 Stern
Thyssen-Managern Drohen Strafbefehle 2008-04-23 Stern
'Sick as a Dog' Shaik Returns to Prison 2008-04-23 Cape Argus
Germany Widens Warship Kickbacks Inquiry at Thyssenkrupp 2008-04-23 Sapa
Tanzanian Minister Quits Over BAE Investigation 2008-04-22 The Guardian
Tanzanian Minister Resigns After Graft Charges Related to BAE 2008-04-22 Business Day
The Thick End of the Wedge 2008-04-21 Business Day
'Plot' Against Zuma is All in His Head, say Scorpions 2008-04-19 Cape Argus
Belgian Bank Accused of Aiding Apartheid SA 2008-04-18 Mail and Guardian
Armscor Role in Arms for Zimbabwe 2008-04-18 Mail and Guardian
Arms Deal Q&A 2008-04-17 News24
Animal Farm 2008-04-17 Business Day
State 'Must Commit' for Denel to Survive 2008-04-17 Business Day
State Wants Another Two Weeks 2008-04-16 The Star
Denel to Enter Global Market 2008-04-14 Cape Times
Corruption is a Crime and Does Not Deserve Amnesty 2008-04-13 Sunday Independent
Arms Deal TRC Will Only Lead to Perpetrators Escaping Legal Culpability 2008-04-13 Sunday Independent
BAE Corruption Investigation Switches to Tanzania 2008-04-12 The Guardian
'Zuma Case Influenced Decision' 2008-04-11 Mail and Guardian
Chippy to Contest Degree Decision 2008-04-10 Independent Online
Saudi Bribery Probe Decision Overturned 2008-04-10 The Independent
Campaigner to Counter-sue Manuel 2008-04-09 Cape Argus
The Spoils of Power 2008-04-08 The Witness
SA Must Take Stand on Corruption 2008-04-08 Business Day
Itís Time to Put Zille in Her Place 2008-04-08 The Sowetan
On German Kickbacks and the Corvette Contract (II) 2008-04-08 politicsweb
On German Kickbacks and the Corvette Contract 2008-04-07 politicsweb
Manuel in Bid to Gag Arms Deal Activist Permanently 2008-04-07 Cape Times
Defence: SA's Latest Submarine Leaves Germany 2008-04-07 The Witness
Double Standards on Arms Deal Amnesty 2008-04-05 Business Day
Shaik Being Tested for Organ Damage: Mo 2008-04-04 Sapa
Show No Mercy for Fraudsters 2007-04-03 The Sowetan
Shaik Cells Out for Blood Tests 2008-04-03 The Times
Schabir Shaik Back In Hospital 2008-04-03 The Star
What's wrong with Shaik? 2008-04-03 Cape Argus
An Arms Deal TRC would be a Compromise Too Far 2008-04-02 Business Day
"Campus Casanova" Law Professor Jailed in Doctorates Scandal 2008-04-02 Sapa
Mbeki, Ministers to Fight Bid to Save Scorpions 2008-04-02 Cape Times
Shaik Back In Hospital 2008-04-01 Sapa