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August 2008

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Jou ma se contingency is all I have to say to Tonto, Chuck 'n all *** 2008-08-31 Sunday Independent
The Whipping Boy: In Hospital No One Can Hear You Scream 2008-08-31 Sunday Times
UDM Slams Corruption in The Ruling Party 2008-08-31 Sunday Tribune
At Loggerheads Over Zuma 2008-08-31 Sunday Tribune
Better a Bad Settlement than a Good Case for Jacob Zuma 2008-08-31 Cape Argus
Shaik in Poor Health 2008-08-31 Cape Argus
Corruption Emerged After Arms Deal : Holomisa 2008-08-30 Sapa
Navy Crippled by Frigate Purchase  *** 2008-08-29 Cape Times
DA Welcomes Chance to See Arms Deal Papers 2008-08-29 Sapa
Sinking Navy Needs Billions 2008-08-28 Cape Times
Arms Deal 'Top Secret' On The Boil 2008-08-28 Sowetan
Nasty Edge to Nzimande’s Call for Another TRC 2008-08-27 Business Day
Top KZN Judge Warns on 'Mass Action' for Zuma 2008-08-27 Cape Argus
Business Puts Zuma Trial on the Scales 2008-08-26 Business Day
Defence Secretary Dies in Car Crash 2008-08-26 Mail and Guardian
The Zuma Debate: Deal! 2008-08-26 Mail and Guardian
The Zuma Debate: No Deal! 2008-08-26 Mail and Guardian
Judiciary Not Above Criticism, says SACP Chief Nzimande 2008-08-25 Cape Argus
Cancel Zuma Trial and Save SA from Anarchy, says SACP 2008-08-25 The Star
Arms Deals Don't Happen without Comrade Bribery 2008-08-22 Cape Argus
Business Wants A Political Solution 2008-08-22 Mail and Guardian
Deal? No Deal! 2008-08-22 Mail and Guardian
Arms Deal is Rotten, MP Insists 2008-08-22 Cape Times
Hlophe Edited Quotes to Change Meaning, Hearing Told 2008-08-21 Cape Argus
Pressure Getting to Me 2008-08-21 The Citizen
A Tale of 2 Prisoners 2008-08-21 The Citizen
Would Interest on a Kickback Compound the Crime? 2008-08-20 Business Day
Shaik's Not That Ill, says Associate 2008-08-19 Cape Argus
Zuma Trial Date : Hearing Set for December 2008-08-18 Pretoria News
SA Can't Afford to Fly New Gripens 2008-08-17 Cape Argus
State Wants Zuma in Dock Just Before Polls 2008-08-16 Pretoria News
Gripens Arrive Mired in Controversy 2008-08-16 Cape Argus
Doubting Doctor says Sorry to Shaik 2008-08-15 Cape Argus
State, Zuma Agree on Dates 2008-08-15 Sapa
Zuma Trial Date to be Argued in December 2008-08-15 Sapa
Zuma, NPA Agree on Date for Hearing 2008-08-15 Business Day
The Incredible Mr Simelane 2008-08-15 Mail and Guardian
Meddlesome Menzi 2008-08-15 Mail and Guardian
Zuma, NPA Fail to Agree on Court Dates 2008-08-14 Mail and Guardian
Presidency 'Not Happy' with Zuma's Bills 2008-08-13 The Saturday Independent
Parly Scrutinises Medical Parole for Prisoners 2008-08-12 Sapa
Mbeki Silent Over Pikoli Claim of Legal Adviser Meeting 2008-08-11 The Star
Refusal to Hand Over Arms Deal Papers Highly Suspicious - DA 2008-08-11 Cape Argus
'Keep Sickly Schabir in Jail' 2008-08-11 Cape Times
Presidency Denies Meeting Scorpions About Arms Deal Saga 2008-08-11 Cape Times
Why Stall on Arms Deal Documents? ­ DA 2008-08-11 Business Day
Ferrostaal Denies Mbeki Bribe 2008-08-11 Sunday Times
Govt Denies Obstructing Arms Probe 2008-08-11 Mail and Guardian
The Big Con 2008-08-10 Sunday Times
Big Deal, Bigger Con : Special Investigation 2008-08-10 Sunday Times
Did You Do Your Homework, Minister? Because We Did! 2008-08-10 Sunday Times
Hefty Price Tag: What The Boffins Say 2008-08-10 Sunday Times
The Warnings Mbeki Chose to Brush Aside 2008-08-10 Sunday Times
We Will Not Fail In Our Duty 2008-08-10 Sunday Times
The Offsets: No Great Shakes 2008-08-10 Sunday Times
The Coega Caper 2008-08-10 Sunday Times
Arms Dealer Requests Correction 2008-08-10 Cape Times
Call for Mbeki to Open Inquiry into Arms Deal 2008-08-10 Mail and Guardian
Govt Denies Obstructing Arms Probe 2008-08-10 Mail and Guardian
Why Mbeki Went for the Arms Deal 2008-08-10 Cape Argus
'Scorpions Wanted to Quiz Mbeki Over Arms' 2008-08-10 Cape Argus
Ministers Rush to Defend President Against Arms Deal Claims 2008-08-10 Cape Argus
If He's Guilty He Must Pay 2008-08-10 Sunday Tribune
Plea to Free Ailing Shaik 2008-08-10 Sunday Independent
Equivocation on Arms Deal Highlights Need for Funding Rules 2008-08-09 Business Day
Scramble to Secure a Zuma Presidency 2008-08-09 Cape Times
Zunami Strikes Some Headwinds 2008-08-09 The Witness
Mbeki Denies Knowledge of Arms Probe 2008-08-08 The Star
Mbeki Adamant He Has Not Been Party to Foreign Probe 2008-08-08 The Star
Arms and the Men 2008-08-08 Cape Argus
Erwin and Pahad on the Arms Deal 2008-08-08 Cape Argus
The Spy Who Fingered Mbeki 2008-08-08 Mail and Guardian
The Plot Thickens... 2008-08-08 Mail and Guardian
Zuma, Mbeki Must Go 2008-08-06 The Witness
Zuma the Wrong Target 2008-08-06 Business Day
Why is Zuma's Trial 'Political'? 2008-08-05 Mail and Guardian
Zuma Thrills Fans as Court Bid Continues 2008-08-05 Mail and Guardian
Zuma Charges 'a Result of Shaik's Conviction' 2008-08-05 Independent Online
Zuma, NPA to Iron Out 'Pre-Trial' Matters 2008-08-05 Independent Online
Zuma Hits Out at Media 2008-08-05 Independent Online
ANC:  Zuma is Being Persecuted 2008-08-05 Mail and Guardian
Zuma Court Bid Kicks Off 2008-08-05 Sapa
Date Set for Hearing Against Thint 2008-08-05 Sapa
State Seeks Zuma Court Date 2008-08-05 Cape Times
Political Rhetoric or Real Warning? 2008-08-04 Independent Online
Come Clean, Opposition Urges Mbeki 2008-08-04 Business Day
Judge Must Strike Fine Balance 2008-08-04 Business Day
Key facts about Jacob Zuma 2008-08-04 Cape Argus
Zuma: All Eyes on PMB Court 2008-08-03 Independent Online
Presidency's Guns Fire at Sunday Times 2008-08-03 Mail and Guardian
Zuma in Prison Overalls? Never, Say Supporters 2008-08-03 Mail and Guardian
Watching and Waiting as Zuma Heads for Court 2008-08-03 Sunday Independent
Top Judge Hits Back 2008-08-03 Sunday Independent
Another Roll of the Dice for Zuma 2008-08-03 Sunday Times
The Arms-Deal Truth Must Out, Once And For All 2008-08-03 Sunday Times
The Dud Sub 2008-08-03 Sunday Times
The Billion-Rand Dud 2008-08-03 Sunday Times
The R30-million Bombshell That Points Fingers at Both Mbeki and His Former Deputy : Special Investigation 2008-08-03 Sunday Times
Mbeki 'Paid R30m Arms-Deal Bribe' 2008-08-03 Mail and Guardian
Sunday Live: Why we published details of the arms deal 2008-08-02 Sunday Times
Mbeki Received R30 Mil from German Company: Sunday Times 2008-08-02 Sapa
Why Zuma Will Walk 2008-08-02 Independent Online
The Law Is Quite Clear 2008-08-02 The Star
Why Zuma Will Walk 2008-08-02 Cape Argus
Will The Rule Of Law Survive? 2008-08-02 Cape Argus
Curiously Silent 2008-08-02 The Witness
Court's Giant Blow to Zuma 2008-08-01 Mail and Guardian
Zuma : Love Him or Hate Him 2008-08-01 Mail and Guardian
Show of Force 2008-08-01 The Witness
Mnangagwa Ally Linked to British Arms Deal 2008-08-01 The Zimbabwe Times
Zuma Is Being Persecuted, Not Prosecuted, says ANC 2008-08-01 Cape Argus
BAE 'Paid £20m' to Zimbabwe Arms Dealer 2008-08-01 Financial Times
State Wins Another Round Against Zuma 2008-08-01 Business Day