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February 2008

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Resolution & Reason's for Withdrawal of S. Shaik's PhD Thesis 2008-02-29 UKZN
Star Fuels Zuma's Trial by Media 2008-02-29 The Star
Accepting Court's Judgment is Not an Admission of Guilt 2008-02-29 The Star
Opposition Parties Query Lekota on Lohatla and Demand to See Full Report  *** 2008-02-29 Cape Argus
Zuma Cheated Taxman, says State 2008-02-29 Cape Times
Shaik will 'Never, Never' Admit Guilt 2008-02-28 Cape Argus
'Shaik Won't Admit to Bribe' 2008-02-28 Cape Times
Liabilities 'Bound to Arise' in Lohatla Accident 2008-02-27 Sapa
Mauritian Authorities Deny Zuma Request: Report 2008-02-27 Sapa
BHP Aluminium Plants 'Unsustainable' on Power Cuts 2008-02-27 Business Day
Shaik Fights Forfeiture of R33m 2008-02-27 Business Day
I Did Bribe Zuma - Shaik 2008-02-27 Cape Times
Shaik Pleads for a Refund 2008-02-27 The Times
Manuel Is Damaging SA 2008-02-27 The Times
Manuel's Arms Deal Critic 'Over The Edge' 2008-02-26 Business Day
Renewed Battle to Secure Shaik's Release 2008-02-26 Cape Times
Voltaire and the Eskom Crisis 2008-02-25 politicsweb
Arms Deal Crusader is Back in Court 2008-02-25 Business Day
Mushwana 'Protects ANC from Public' 2008-02-25 Business Day
Zuma's Mauritius Court Bid Rejected 2008-02-25 Cape Times
Manuel's Court Bid 'A Threat to Free Speech' 2008-02-25 Sapa
New ANC Probes Old Guard's Shady Deals 2008-02-24 The Times
Thint Says Documents can't be Surrendered as Case against Zuma is a 'Political' Ruse 2008-02-22 Cape Times
Zuma Awaits Mauritian Court's Ruling 2008-02-21 The Star
Arms Deal Opponent to Defend Action 2008-02-21 Cape Times
Zuma Says He has 'Difficulty' in Believing they Told the Truth 2008-02-20 The Star
2008 is Shaping up to be a Gruelling Year for South African Politics 2008-02-20 Cape Argus
Zuma Asks Mauritius to Oppose NPA 2008-02-20 The Times
Manuel's Urgent Court Application Puts Focus on Censorship 2008-02-18 Cape Times
The Machine-Gun Presidency 2008-02-18 The Times
Plattner, MAN set up R350m Hi-tech Fund 2008-02-18 Business Report
The Scorpions versus The Constitution 2008-02-17 Sunday Independent
Zuma on Mauritius Mission to Stymie Prosecution 2008-02-17 Cape Argus
Zuma in Gag Bid for an Open Secret 2008-02-17 Sunday Independent
Manuel Seeks Court Order to Gag Activist 2008-02-17 Sunday Independent
Whiff of Rot in Angolan Arms Deal 2008-02-16 Mail and Guardian
Zumas Appeal Wont Affect Trial - NPA 2008-02-15 The Times
Scorpions' Disbanding 'To Protect the ANC' 2008-02-15 Cape Argus
Zuma's Bid to Bar Evidence 2008-02-15 The Star
Zuma Meets Lawyers in Mauritius 2008-02-15 Cape Times
'Violated Rights' at Heart of Zuma's Bid for Constitutional Court Appeal 2008-02-15 Cape Times
Nyanda: 'We will vet Scorpions' 2008-02-15 Mail and Guardian
ANC to Exit Eskom Deals 2008-02-15 Mail and Guardian
On Scopa and Nothingness 2008-02-15 Business Day
UK Court Reviews BAE Deal Probe 2008-02-14 Cape Argus
New Marine Choppers to Boost Navy 2008-02-14 Cape Argus
Scopa Agrees to Revisit Arms Deal Reports' Resolutions 2008-02-14 The Star
Zuma Turns to Highest Court in Graft Case 2008-02-14 Mail and Guardian
SADF vs SANDF - which way to go? 2008-02-14 Cape Times
'So, Mr Zuma, are you a crook?' 2008-02-14 The Times
Energy Crisis Gives Rio Doubt on Coega 2008-02-14 Business Day
A Disgrace 2008-02-14 Business Day
Presidency Mum on Masekela Report 2008-02-13 The Times
'Mbeki Did Meet with Arms Company' 2008-02-13 The Star
Scopa Rebuffs DA Effort to Discuss Arms Deal 2008-02-13 Mail and Guardian
Zuma Visits Mauritius 2008-02-13 Cape Argus
Former Ambassador Named In Zuma's Case 2008-02-13 Cape Argus
Mbeki to be Consulted on Masekela Report 2008-02-13 Cape Argus
Former Ambassador Named in Zuma's Case 2008-02-13 Cape Times
BBC's 'Crook' Questions Rattle Zuma 2008-02-12 Cape Times
Rheinmetall to Buy into Denel Unit 2008-02-11 Business Report
Internal Radar Sets New Course for ANC Icon 2008-02-10 The Times
Arms Deal Company Probed over Angola 'Bribe Offer' 2008-02-10 Cape Argus
Grapevine 2008-02-10 The Times
Crisis Two *** 2008-02-09 Mail and Guardian
Soldiers' Orgy Leads to Running Battle with Cops 2008-02-09 Cape Argus
Has a Russian Official Unintentionally Exposed a Secret SA Space Programme? 2008-02-08 Engineering News
DA Call for Fresh Probe Puts Arms Deal in Spotlight 2008-02-07 Cape Argus
ANC Will Block Any New Arms Deal Probe 2008-02-07 Cape Times
DA Welcomes Scopa Decision on Arms Deal Probe 2008-02-06 Sapa
Departments Discuss Plans for Scorpions 2008-02-06 Business Day
Stings to Come in the Scorpions Tale 2008-02-06 Cape Argus
Arms Deal Probe on Scopa Agenda 2008-02-06 The Times
Country to Lose its Best Crime-fighters 2008-02-05 Cape Times
NPA Acted Irregularly on Zuma - Motshekga 2008-02-04 Cape Times
Defence Costs 2008-02-04 Business Day
Lack of Funds could Ground SAAF Planes 2008-02-02 Pretoria News
Third Submarine Handed Over to SA Navy in Germany 2008-02-01 Cape Times
Scorpions a 'Monster' Mantashe 2008-02-01 Business Day
Zuma Reduces Claims Against Media 2008-02-01 Mail and Guardian
Zuma Changes His Tune on Defamation 2008-02-01 The Star